In the cahhhhhr!!!!!


Hi!!! Lauren is dwiving me to SKATING!! So I have to post for her. She just asked me what I am writing. I am NOT going to tell her. Mwahahaahaha. >:)
So yeah. I just saw a license plate it says BEDISMT. does anyone know what that means?? Leave a comment saying what you think it means. Lauren is singing along to OLD music. Bleh. Okay well bye.

-Laurens FAVORITE client

Ps. Lauren cannot sing. (she told me to write that)
Pps. I just saw a crazy lady driving her red minivan. She ran through a red light. Find her poepoe!!!!!!


90,000 Miles with LS4BLU today!!

90,000 miles…WOW!  Seems like a miLEStone! to me.  Just had to share the when and where I was when my car his 90,000 miles today with all of you!

Out for a Sunday drive.  No, don’t I wish!  I was headed to Bowie, Maryland from Arlington, VA.  “We” just went for a fill up and a car wash (hello, $61 later!) and were headed to 495 North!

I get to my friend’s house.  Friend is a newfound client of Do More With LES and former coworker at PPSV. She is ready to have her first baby ANY day now, so as a part of nesting, a little Lauren time was in order!  We had fun and were very productive.

On the way home, my car went from this:

                                         … to this……. 

Very exciting, wouldn’t you say?  OK so I celebrate the small things in life and find the little pleasures in life to be a little too exciting, but think about it?  How many miles do YOU have on your car?  How many did you have when it became your very own?

I bought my 2006 Honda Accord on July 31, 2007.  It had 22,685 on it.  I bought it used off the lot at Jack Taylor’s Alexandria Toyota.  Felix was my sales guy and Jen Walker was my chief negotiator.  I wanted a sunroof, this I knew!  This one, on the test drive, didn’t have a sunroof.  The next day when I went to pick it up, thank you, Jennifer, it had a sunroof!  Today, we had it all the way open to celebrate the big event!!!

Where have I traveled to put on 67,315 miles you ask? Well, since that’s probably a rhetorical question you probably don’t want to read on, but I’ll tell you!

Chesapeake to see my brother & family – many times!

Charlottesville to see friends & family & weddings, too – many times!

Nags Head – because my brother drove it there for Beach Week! (& bought it a new tire!)

Delaware – to visit my chief negotiator’s beach house – a few times!

Dulles – too many times to count!

National – way too many times to count!

BWI – A LOT, especially recently!

Stevensville – a lot of fun weekends, how many miles is Rt. 8 roundtrip, anyway?

Baltimore – to see the Nats v. O’s – once or twice!

North Carolina to visit Elon & Darren in Winston Salem – ok a lot to Elon, and once to see Darren! Brian & Heather, too!

Where else?  Oh, Sandbridge at least twice! (that was the maiden voyage!)

Not very far North or West, sadly…we’ll have to work on that!

Lucky for me, I have good people taking LOTS of good care of my car on a very regular and all too routine basis.  There’s Ben at Liberty Mutual, Mike at Lindsay Collision, my dear old Dad, and OK I’ll admit it, I’d be nowhere without Yates Automotive!  I’d say it’s been there a lot, too!  Special thanks to Jason, Ben, Rob & James, of course, for all of the TLC they provide!

At the end of the weekend, I have a lot to celebrate, a clean car with a full tank of gas, good friends, better clients and most of all my health!  (Oh, it’s been to MANY a local hospital, too, especially lately!)

LS4BLU, why? Because, I love you, Dan!

Because Dads Do More, Too!

To All of My Favorite Dads,

Happy Father’s Day from Do More With LES!

Whether this was your first Father’s Day, your  “I’m-about-to-be-a-father” Father’s Day, your first as a Grandfather, or your 34th Father’s Day and counting, I am here to help continue the celebrating!

That’s right – the Do More With LES Father’s Day special has arrived!

Here’s what you do:  Book 4 hours of time to help simplify your life with Do More With LES and pay for just 3 hours!

(Doesn’t have to be 4 consecutive hours, either.)

Simply reply to this email and let’s coordinate your time!  This expires NEXT Father’s Day, 2012.

Hope you had a great day today and I hope to hear from you really soon!

Errand Errors!

OK, I admit it, I make mistakes.  You can admit it, too.  We all do!

This time, however, I have to fess up and share the latest errand error with you.  Hopefully you will laugh – or at least grin!

It’s a typical Monday in Do More’s world. (That’s my world, for those of you not paying attention!)  I have this fabulous and fun female client every Monday afternoon.  On this particular Monday afternoon Alice leaves me a shopping list for Target and provides gift cards to use to pay for the items.  Perfect!  My kind of afternoon, my favorite kind of task!

Please get at Target with these gift cards the following:

1) Pictionary – the game
2) T-P
3) A graduation card (HS)
4) Flashlights with batteries

OK – Easy – I can shop at Target with someone else’s money, sure!
Apparently….NOT!  By the time I got out of class that night I had received a text from Alice that read the following:

“Lauren, please make a note to yourself:  When shopping for a child psychologist, please don’t buy Pictionary For Adults!”


I swear this was all that was at Target:


But THIS is apparently the classic Pictionary game:

Oh yeah, I knew that!


Won’t make that mistake again!

Lesson Learned:  ALWAYS check your work!

 (Author’s Note:  Alice didn’t learn of my boo-boo while playing the Pictionary game with a child, thank GOODNESS!)

Is someone you love requesting personalized M&M’s?

A very fun client of mine, who keeps me young, was about to turn 14.

On her fridge there was a list of what she REALLY wanted for her birthday.

“Personalized M&M’s – any color”

I asked her mom if I could do the honors of fulfilling that wish for her.  “Yes, Please do!” was the mother’s response!

So…I did.  Lynn was SO excited for her birthday and invited me to the small family gathering.  Long story short, this party was the same night as my rushed adventure to the hospital, so I couldn’t attend the party.  Someone had to Do More for LES and deliver the goods to the party for me. (I was an “8” on a pain scale, remember!)

Days later Lynn, insists on visiting me in ICU and bringing me some of her M&M’s.

I just thought this was the coolest thing ever and SO easy to do online that I had to share the fun with all of you!

Lynn Rocks!!!      UR A Super Star!  14 & Awesome ! Happy 14th BDay!

Bored later?  visit and make your own batch – any color!

Have Fun!

One Week Later…..

Well, well, well, a week ago today I was coming off of that anesthesia high that I am SO good at going into!

Now, just a week later I am happy to report I am back, I am out of the hospital and I am upright.

I have been taking it easy, but I need to get back to the groove.

Thank you for all of the well wishes and to the fantastic cheerleading squad that seems to have been following me around town for the past week.

I couldn’t have gotten thru that without all of the love & support…and cupcakes!

(There were chocolate covered strawberries, too, but they didn’t last long enough to even have their picture taken!)

I have a lot of really good people in my life.  I am thankful.