The rest of the first week of 2012!

After doing no work and playing political hooky on Wednesday, I proceeded to do the same on Thursday.  I worked with a new client in the morning and then in the afternoon I met up with John and headed north!  John, for those of you who do not know, is the PA Announcer of the George Mason Patriots and doubles as Sabrina, Jay & Sarah’s dad!

Yep, we went to Philadelphia, PA, the city of brotherly love, for some cheesesteaks from Geno’s and to take in a George Mason Men’s Basketball game on the road.

We went to “the DAC” (Daskalakis Athletic Center) on the Drexel University campus in the heart of the city for a game!  While it’s always fun to see the turnout for the away team, I learned it’s not AS fun to be a PART of that turnout.  The DU fans, all in their “The Year of the Dragon” t-shirts were pretty intense as student sections go.  Good for them, though, they had a “sell out” crowd to come see the undefeated in the CAA, #1 George Mason Patriots.  Nicely done, Drexel, when your seating capacity in your high school gym-sized “arena” is a whopping 2,532.

We proceeded to lose our first game against an in-conference team.  😦   BUT we had the coolest and closest seats I’ve ever been in for an NCAA basketball game!  The whole place was so tiny, it was amazing!  Here are some of my up-close-and-personal pics!

Go Green!  Go Gold!  Fight! Fight! Fight!

Mike Morrison & Ryan with Coach Hewitt!


Coach Hewitt

Time Out

Warm Ups!


First Full week of 2012…and what a week it was!

I cannot NOT blog about this week.

It’s been uneventful (unfortunately) on the work front, but VERY exciting in the extra-curricular activity category for so many! 

Monday – drove “my boys’ (yes, I’ve adopted two Freshman that I drive to Bishop Ireton in the mornings) to school and then had a client cancel due to a migraine (yuk!) so I spent the rest of the day tallying health insurance expenses paid in 2011 and emptying the binder so it’s ready for 2012 paperwork.  Here’s the stack I created:

Insurance ppwk, et al 2011

I would say that is indeed thicker than a ream of paper from Staples for sure! 

And I got to witness DC’s first snow “storm” from my office (bedroom!) window!

First Snow 2012!

Tuesday – drove my boys again and another client had canceled with step throat, which I don’t want, so I got other things done instead.  Oh yeah, I took my friend for a belated birthday lunch at his favorite place in Tysons and then attended Sabrina’s Winter Concert (5thgrade) and was serenaded by the “Attack of the Slide Trombones.”  Couldn’t resist a pic with the rockstar afterwards!  She takes after her big brother & sister musically to a T. So cute to see them all growing up so fast!

Sabrina & LES

Wednesday was a day I have waited for since August 23rd.  Adam Ebbin was sworn in to the Virginia Senate in Richmond with a LOT of pomp and circumstance!  I was honored and delighted to take a car full of lovely ladies down for the festivities.  I drove Ruth Brannigan, a friend and neighbor to Adam and I in Auburn Village and a proud 4th grade teacher at the Mount Vernon Community School in Del Ray.  I had my mother in the car who literally let out a cheer and raised pumped fists after seeing “Vote Counted” on the screen when she voted early and in-person for Adam Ebbin in the primary. But by far the best guest of all was that I had the privilege to drive State Senator Patsy Ticer down with us from Alexandria to Richmond to see her successor sworn in.  It was pretty cool to have her with us and use her perks like the parking pass that had yet to expire!!!

We went to a reception in Adam’s new Senate office and visited with old and new friends and there was much jubilation in the air. 

Lauren & Rama...We started all this!

Patsy, Adam & Mary Margaret

Just before...

Adam's 30th District Seals








Soon after coffee & pastries we went across to the newly renovated State Capitol building.  Very cool! 

Capitol Building

The Virginia Senate 2012






Patsy, of course, went and sat in the Senate chamber, while Ruth and mom and I joined Clark Mercer, newly “finished” Chair of the Alexandria Democratic Committee, and other friends and fans of Adam’s in Senate Room 3 to watch the swearing in on the jumbo-tron.  Such a fun day!

Senator Ebbin!





Afterwards Patsy said, “So are we going to go get lunch?”  Why, of course!  She said, “Where do you want to eat?”  I quickly said “You’re the one who used to work around here, take us somewhere good!”  “Well, I don’t assume you want to head to the cafeteria then, huh?”  Yeah – no!  We donned earmuffs and walked to Gibson’s on the corner and had a lovely leisurely lunch and toasted the end of one era and the beginning of another!

Lauren & Patsy take Richmond!


A fun day was had by all!

Congratulations, Senators!

Let’s end this entry on that happy note. 

The rest of the week in the next edition of The Adventures of Do More with LES!