The One About The Latex Gloves!

One of my clients who keeps me the busiest, i.e. most frequently on my toes, deserves this blog post.  She shall remain nameless.  No, let’s call her Alice. That’s not really her name, but for this story it is!

You see Alice is a frequent “text the request” kind of gal.  Any hour, any day, any ask.

But at 7:20 a.m. on a Wednesday when I received this text, I definitely had to do a double take:

“Can you go to CVS today and get a box of latex gloves for Jess?”

Ummm.  OK, yes, I can, but should I ask why first?  Jess is her middle-schooler and I am very suspicious as to why the poor thing must be in need of a whole box worth of latex gloves.

I didn’t respond back my question in all caps; I simply did what I was asked to do and left the box of 50 on their dining room table by midday.

Things that make you go hmmmmm!

Later I learned that Jess’s class was tie-dying in science.  Whew!

See, Do More really does do it all!  I love my job!  What can Do More do for you?


It’s All About Perspective

I am blessed to do a job I love every single day. Every day is different. Never do I wake up dreading what’s in store. Some days I begin at 6 to get “the boys” in Arlington at 7:10 to school by 7:45. Some days I just collect dry cleaning, drop some off, pick some up, etc. and still, some days I push a lot of paper, order stuff online or create some data filled spreadsheets all day.

Yesterday was very different. A friend turned client, and still a friend, asked me to take on a rather personal task, one that required a bit of background and bringing up to date. We’ll call her Caroline. Caroline emailed me. She was excited and overjoyed that the chemo and radiation treatments were both over and successful.

Wait, what? Caroline had been treated for cancer? I felt incredibly out of the loop and like a very horrible friend, but I asked her to continue with “the ask.” See, she had lost her hair and had purchased two wigs, but now Caroline’s hair is growing back “quite nicely, I might add” she said. No clue where this is going, I read on. Turned out she was asking if it was within the realm of “Do More” to come to her house, pick up the wigs, and take them to Amy’s of Denmark to have them professionally shampooed before she would tuck them away in storage.

Um, yes, of course, without a doubt, this is exactly what I would love to do and is very within the realm of possibility! I just love helping people – really, I’ll do just about anything. There was no question. It was a resounding yes!

Having never done anything like this or dealt with this with a client before, I went into it a little bit wide-eyed. OK – a lot wide-eyed.

When I met Caroline Tuesday morning she said, “Please give those ladies there my very best, they’re wonderful.” I forget how she said the rest, but basically the gist was: “That place is life-changing. You’re in for it.”

It was fine, I was fine, the ladies really were ecstatic to see me (well, really, Caroline) and very helpful. I went and had breakfast across the street and returned and the wigs were under the dryer and almost ready. I quietly read my book and looked around at the “atmosphere” of this place that really has probably seen it all and changed so many lives.

I started to think about perspective. I have seen a lot thanks to my entrepreneurial business venture of the last three years, but to really just take in Tuesday’s task was quite a learning experience for me. The trust that gets placed in me will never cease to amaze. There’s a lot I think I need an assistant for but would never call on anyone else to tackle for me. I imagine Caroline must have felt this same way and am thoroughly flattered that she called on LES!

Canceling Could Cost You!

The Do More with LES Cancellation Policy is in full effect as of today, 02.01.2012.

Twenty-four hours notice is required if our time together must be rescheduled or cancelled altogether. Without proper notice, a $40 fee (my hourly rate) will be due within 7 days.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter!