My Holiday Cheer!

Dear Friends & Blog Readers,

Here’s a sneak peek at my holiday card for 2012 welcoming 2013.

Text on reverse of this fun picture reads:

What I loved about 2012 

Ringing in the New Year with a road trip to Colorado

Travel to NC to see Elon & Friends

Kate & Brian’s wedding

Out with the old and in with the new Honda

Our Washington Nationals making the Playoffs!

Journey to South Bend for the Notre Dame v. Michigan rivalry game

A weekend in St. Louis with my Godmother

Turning 35 quickly followed by surgically induced menopause

Getting “Granny’s Girls” together again at Goodstock

Ann Arbor for a few days with the Big Senior Basketball Manager

Victory in November

Business thriving all year long,

& last but not least…my time in The Big Apple

in the photo are Queenie, Lauren, Johnny, Josh, Christine & Peggles after a live taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon where Josh made his NBC debut.

You can read about THAT fun day here & watch that (again) right here!

Hope you had a fun, exciting & memorable 2012 as well.

Now bring on 2013!


What you find when you clean up….

I was spending my dreary Sunday morning just tidying up my desk space, because, no, I don’t live clutter-free 100% of the time, either, and found this:

Dear Lauren,

I am so truly thankful for you presence in my life ~ you really make a huge impact with such a great, can-do, no drama, get ‘er done style!

You rock!


Yep, I ♥ My Job!

November in Review

I lost track of days.

I had too much fun in Ann Arbor.

On November 29th I was thankful for my new part-time job.  It is a solid ten hours of work a week, it’s in the heart of Old Town, Alexandria and there’s a lot of work to do that I will enjoy and feel a great sense of accomplishment tackling! Today was my first day there and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my colleagues.

Last, but certainly not least, the 30th of November leaves me thankful for nothing but my dear sweet, kind, loving, generous, awesome and royal mom, a.k.a. “The Queen” or “Queenie” to just a few.  It was her birthday and she was celebrating and living it up in NYC with a girlfriend.  She certainly knows how to ring in another year, doubling up on Broadway shows like no one else!

So, in review, here’s what the 30 days of November left me thankful for:  power, clients, friends, family, over-the-counter cold meds, being a woman, an Alexandrian, a poll worker, a Virginian, a voter, an American, clients (again!), opportunities, triple-booked days, friendship with my State Senator, plans coming together, a Holiday, veterans, “my boys”, dinner dates, pay days, new clients, political fundraisers with perks, girlie time, friends (again!), survival, college hoops, friends & family (again!), the Del Ray Pharmacy, a good rivalry, a great quarterback, Mason men’s basketball victories, my Ann Arbor family, the Goodhart Group, the Jolly Pumpkin, & Zingerman’s!


…and of course, all of you, for reading!

…Now, on to December