Do More Turns Five!

I am excited to announce that February 2013 marks the beginning of the 5th year for Do More with LES, LLC.

(Five years, WOW!  And to think that way back when I thought this would all dry up in at least 5 months!)

I am a proud small business owner in the City of Alexandria and have enjoyed working in my hometown and beyond!

What can Do More do for you in its fifth year?

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These Five Years In Review….

Top Five Places Do More has helped clients move to:

Hong Kong

Cape Town, South Africa

New York City

Alice Springs, Australia

 Houston & San Antonio, Texas

Five Most “Fun” Jobs Do More did in 2012

Purchased & planted impatients in the Spring!

Dog-Sitting on the Upper East Side of NYC in the Summer!

Shopped for pumpkins & gourds in the Fall!

Elfing on the Santa Train in the Winter!


“Fluffing” & de-fluffing Christmas trees & First Night Alexandria 

(a close tie for 5th!)

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Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

Fluffing Project!



Picture worth a thousand words!

Moving Day in NYC!

Ruff Day in Central Park!

Ruff Day in Central Park!

Just another day at the office for this lil elf!

Just another day at the office for this lil elf!