May I Brag?

Well, yes, it’s been a while, but I’m back in blogger-land.

This time I’m going to brag about the best parts of the month of May, which at the end of the day, will be officially over.  Hard to believe, huh?

Let’s see…

I got to go to North Beach, MD “on assignment” to pick up a projector (the size of a carry on, fit-under-your-seat suitcase) from a family friend’s house.  Yep, a paying gig.  Beautiful, peaceful and a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the big city.  If you’ve never been, here’s her view.  GO!


What else…

Well, with May of course comes Memorial Day.  A time to stop, pause, remember, unplug, unwind, relax and enjoy the Federal holiday.  I did just that.  I relaxed in a hammock on a much needed “stay-cation” for a majority of the 3-day weekend, I was serenaded by cicadas and all the while, my iPhone sat in the powered down mode in the cup-holder of my car.  SO nice, I highly recommend it!

Friends came from far and wide.  So great to see my half-Alexandria/half-Hong Kong-based family.  Even better to see them all at Los Tios when they notify the restaurant that it’s my birthday (it was well over a month ago at that point) and so I am “forced” to wear a sombrero and do a shot of tequila.  Lovely!  Always good to see my girl, Kim, from Ohio, even if she is a fan of “that school in Columbus.”


Which brings me to something else pretty common in May:  Commencements!  I was so excited to be at my brother Daniel’s graduation from the University of Michigan earlier this month.  I got to sit in “The even bigger Big House” (max. cap. 109,901) and watch the graduates come in thru the tunnel.  They just kept coming.  It was amazing to watch and the speeches were fantastic (and are available here on my blog, thank you YouTube!) and inspiring.  Have a listen

What Proud & Excited Look Like!

What Proud & Excited Look Like!

The Elon commencement was amazing, too, tho I did not attend.  Instead, I was able to listen to  the 123rd annual event as NBC Nightly News correspondent and Elon parent, Brian Williams, addressed the graduates thanks to The Huffington Post & Facebook’s newsfeed.  Amazing to hear the graduates give a hearty “Long Live Elon” at the end of President Lambert’s Charge.  I got chills and definitely would have cried if I had been there listening to Brian Williams.  Watch Brian’s speech here.  It should be noted here that nothing beats my front row seat on 5/20/2000 listening to the late Isabella Cannon speak.

I picked up some new clients this month that I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for fantastic friends who bought gift certificates and fabulous word-of-mouth advertising.  Sarah, I hope you are enjoying the new house.  Kim, I hope your sprinklers work when it doesn’t rain and don’t work when it does.  Technology is amazing.  A “wireless rain detector” was installed!  Who knew?! Chris, your condo is amazing and it was fun straightening it up with you! Dar, I love your dog.  Greg, yours threw me into retirement.

Craig’s List was successful for me on two separate sales for a client.  Buyers came when they said they would, took what they saw advertised, brought cash and all is well!

My carpool boys will be sophomores and juniors next year, a former client is moving back, a repeat client is booked for June, and another for July….

All this & my health insurance premium went down!

Life is good!  I am healthy so far in 2013, no hospitalizations, no gory pictures to share, just hunky-dory over here!  Hope I’m not jinxing anything.

Now, wish mom & I lots of luck as we move the baby bro to the Upper East Side this weekend for his new job in NYC!  Guess I can’t call him a baby anymore after that, huh?

Time flies!    Live Your Life!

“Be in this moment!”  

“Soak it all in & remember to say thank you!”

Go Blue & Long Live Elon


Mary Sue Coleman, President of the University of Michigan, Commencement Remarks

“This is your biggest day at Michigan, and you deserve the Big House to celebrate your accomplishment!” – Mary Sue Coleman, 2013

Ain’t that the truth, and the graduates, friends, family, sisters, brothers, nephews, mothers and fathers, enjoyed every perfect M Go Blue-sky filled moment!

I am happy to have had this fine day be my first experience in the Big House! As cool as it would have been to have seen Denard make a run, it was awesome to see him graduate, too! And more exciting, my baby brother!

Love you, Dan!

Hail To The Graduate!

Well, well, well….it’s about that time, to reflect, ponder, and best of all…celebrate!

We “Go Blue”.

We wore Maize & Blue.

We are “All in for Michigan”!

We cheered for “Shoelace” on Saturdays, chanting “Hail, Hail to Michigan” at the top of our lungs.

We traveled to Charlottesville, South Bend, New York, Atlanta & Ann Arbor to see football in the Big House & basketball at Crisler.

Go Blue!

Fam + Go Blue = Victory!

We attended orientation, convocation, senior night & now the weekend called Spring Commencement is upon us.

One Proud Sister & One Excited Wolverine!

One Proud Sister & One Excited Wolverine at convocation!

It is so hard to believe that my baby brother (a descriptor he highly dislikes) will graduate from college this weekend.  No, he will graduate from The University of Michigan.  The first time I visited him at school, I knew he was officially all grown up…and so was I.

He met every day with open eyes and learned something new along the way.

At the conclusion of his first year there, President Barack Obama gave the Commencement address. 

hold the rope

His third year there the basketball team he managed won the Big 10 Tournament (ok, it was tie). 


He went to France.  He studied at the London School of Economics….during the Summer Olympics!  


This year, the year of his life, his team went on to the National Championship game.


“Those who stay will be champions.”


-Bo Schembechler, Jr.


Couldn’t be prouder, Dan, I love you!

Sporty Siblings!