Quite The Travelers…

My clients and I get around.  Some of us further away than others!

Had to stop and take a quick inventory of who is where and then realized, I had to share.

Friday Morning, Party of 2

I took to DCA early Friday morning, the first day of summer, two giddy adults bound for Miami and then eventually a Carnival cruise ship the next morning.  No idea where the boat is planning to dock, just totally jealous that they’re on a boat.  Yea – these would be my father & step-mom!  Bon Voyage!

Friday Morning, Party of 4

Family heads north to Pennsylvania to move son into college dorm, leaving me with their pooch and pool in the back yard, complete with waterfall with a seat under it and a raft hammock to float and be the ultimate Lazy-Lauren!  Fab!

Friday Afternoon, Party of 1

Client heads to Europe this time, Luxembourg to be exact!  Must be nice!

Saturday Morning, Party of 6

Yes, party of 6, that’s a half a dozen people, and yours truly, in the family SUV for a quick jaunt to Dulles at 6 a.m. sharp!  Hawaii-bound for two weeks, 4 of the people in this party are under age 8 and talk about ecstatic, no matter what time it was!!! Whew, I was certainly glad by the time they all piled out that I actually wasn’t  going!  Holding down the fort, getting the cars serviced and detailed in their absence.  Love it!

Saturday Morning, Party of 1

This time it was off to Union Station for the train-taker client headed to New York City and then Connecticut for a trip that’s a little business and a little pleasure! 

Sunday Morning, Party of 4

Pick up time:  5:15 and they all pile into MY car, complete with the install of a booster seat and a little girl in a party hat and they’re off to Dulles to catch a plane to San Juan, Puerto Rico and then a Cessna to Saint Thomas.  I think I was literally on autopilot myself for this run.

Monday Morning, Party of 1

A 6:30 a.m. departure out of Alexandria and off to Dulles for a fabulous businessman headed to Los Angeles “for work” all week!  This was soon followed my what’s called rush hour in the big City.

Monday Evening, Party of 2

Known this client for a few years now and at pick up today I finally met her other half.  Hilariously fun couple headed to Seattle.  Or…. maybe not.  The plane never departed so this was the first completely round-trip to DCA in a day for me and I soon picked them up at the airport and brought them home to sleep in their own beds and do it all over again today…

So let’s look again, that’s:

21 travelers total, and

7 paying clients, in

4 days, including

3 early mornings in a row to Dulles

2 different airports

2 cars to detail (3 if I splurge and do my own!)

1 Cruise ship boarded

1 Cessna ride

1 train station

1 cancelled flight

1 paid personal assistant & countless miles driven.

The moral of this story:  I love my job!

Safe Travels & Happy Summer, One and ALL!

(Could you bring me home a postcard at least?!)


Because Dads Do More, Too!

Happy Father’s Day!

A quick scroll through my client list reminds me that
there are many dads who Do More With LES!

Dads who call Hong Kong home,

Dads who dole out the honey-do list,

Dads who announce basketball games,

Dads who are moving and busy lawyering at the same time,

Dads with newborns,

Dads who are deployed,

Dads who own train stores,

Dads who are realtors,

Dads of Chihuahuas,

Dads who are college professors,

Dads who are running for Sheriff, and


…To all Dads who Do More With LES, I hope you had a terrific day!  You deserve it.


I love you, Pops!

Father-Daughter Bonding at its best....watching the local college hoops!

Father-Daughter bonding at its best….watching the local college hoops!

June 5th – Then & Now!

I majored in History and I like to write.

And so now, I want to tell you a little history about today.

It’s very hard to believe, but 18 years ago today (June 5, 1995) I graduated from Edmund Burke School in Northwest, D.C.  Our class had a whopping 32 kids.  We lei-ed the headmasters.  Graduation took place in the Howard University chapel just down the street from our school building on Upton Street.  What a fun day that was.  I was recently emptying storage and found a few photos.  Fun to reminisce, but still hard to believe those days are so far in our rear views.

On June 5, 1995 one friend could not attend graduation festivities because she was in labor.  She had a gorgeous baby girl that day.  Today that little girl turned 18.  I froze in place when she texted “Erin’s 18 today.”   “WHOA!” I thought, “that means I graduated from high school 18 years ago today!  WOW!”

In other news, but still in keeping with the graduation theme, I woke up to an email informing me that my goddaughter is graduating from 8th grade this weekend.  Yep – still feelin’ old.  Then the first thing on the agenda for today was none other than…a 5th grade graduation ceremony.

I love my job.  I always have.  I have met some great families and terrific kids. Moms and dads have shared their kids with me more than they will ever know.  At today’s graduation there were 10 graduates.  I have worked with three of them.  One little girl and a set of twin boys, each of whom I have known for not more than two school years now, but who have been a lot of fun to spend time with and get to know and most importantly, watch grow and mature!

Today, each graduate had to make remarks.  Secretly, I knew this, but didn’t let on.  When the kids spoke, the parents smiled, tilted their heads, took pictures, held on to Kleenex, and some even wiped tears. I have to confess, I found myself more than a little verklempt.

But, why?  No offense, they are cute, and they were well-spoken and rehearsed, one could even run for president the way he spoke, but they aren’t my kids and I haven’t literally watched them grow up, so why was I so sad?

Once the speech-ifying ended we stood to sing a song and I politely excused myself and made a beeline out of the service.  (In fairness, I had to get to work) I actually felt like I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.  Before I had gotten to my car, it hit me.  I will never get to experience this.  I will never be a mom.  I won’t have kids that I will get to watch make speeches like that, I just have to live vicariously through these moms and dads and take these children as “my own”.  I stopped myself in the parking lot and wrote the moms an email that I hope they will read to their rising sixth graders.  It went like so:

“Congratulations to the kids and parents on such a special day.
I am sorry I had to leave early. Please give a big hug to the kids for me.
The speeches were the best part. They all did a wonderful job. Please tell them how proud I am of them…and to know them.
Thanks especially to you, for sharing them with me!  It means more than you know.”

Re-reading that, I guess it doesn’t matter if they share that with the kids or not, the message I was trying to send home was to thank them for sharing their kids with me.  I can’t have any, so I like for people to share.  I have another family who I babysat for every other Saturday in high school for all four years.  They have shared their three kids with me throughout all these years, tonight included.  I went to the 6th grade band concert tonight in Falls Church to see their youngest daughter, my favorite trombone player!  That was too cool, and finally, not a tearjerker!

Why am I telling you all of this?  Why did I stop in my tracks today?  Every little thing that occurs that hits me as a “whoa, I’ll never experience that” moment forces me to pause and be thankful for what I do have.  Thankful for everything in my life: the 18 year old who was born the day of my graduation, my high school classmates I am still able to keep up with (thank you, Facebook!), my god-daughter who will enter high school in the fall, “my kids” I have taken to tennis and ice-skating and more, my favorite “tromboner” and the parents who share all of these fabulous kids with me.  I am thankful for all of these.