8/8 = 100!

The adage is true:  time flies when you’re having fun!  That and, you can’t possibly ever be bored in NYC.  Well, they are true!  Time’s flying by and I am in no way bored! 

Sunday was the Central Park Zoo (last time I blogged!) followed by dinner with my brother, but that seems so long ago now.

In a sentence and a picture or two, here’s what I’ve been up to, since some of you really don’t want ALL of the details, which I understand!

Monday I went for follow-up lab work on Park Avenue and then to see Norma Rae in Bryant Park.  I’m all about being outdoors in this perfect weather & a free movie with Best Actress Academy Award winner Sally Field is always a nice perk, too!

Monday night Movies @ Bryant Park

Tuesday I set out to find a store that I read about in the local newspaper because I simply didn’t believe the article, but indeed:  the place has everything!  Go to the website, you won’t be disappointed:  Gracious Home!

Bathroom vanities...

Bathroom vanities…





Knobs, Handles...

Knobs, Handles…



Wednesday night was spent on the Hudson River looking over at Jersey as I participated in the Evening Salute to the Sun in Riverside Park with my favorite yoga instructor I met here last summer.  He’s given me a new nickname, “Ms. Speedy GonzaLES,” for the quickness with which I got there in the rain shower.  After yoga it was time for another free outdoor movie & Josh’s surprise birthday party!  Such fun watching him watch (& sing along to) Little Shop of Horrors!

Birthday Cupcakes!

Birthday Cupcakes!

Yoga Hollis & Riverside Art!

Yoga Hollis & Riverside Art!

LES & Birthday Boy!!!

LES & Birthday Boy!!!

UWS, Background of Movie Night!

UWS, Background of Movie Night!

Today, I woke up to an email that my brother-in-law is in town for a business meeting and so we met up before his lunchtime client.  Afterwards I ran into my brother in line at Chop’t on 42nd Street with about 100+ other New Yorkers getting lunch, it really is a small world!  Got Chop’t, then headed across the street to “Broadway at Bryant Park” for a few numbers from Annie & Wicked

LES & Joe B in the Big City!

LES & Joe B in the Big City!

This is my 100th blog post….Many thanks for reading!

Happy 50th Birthday, Tony V.
Cousin Dave

Happy 3 months, Liam!


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