Twelve people did not sleep in their beds last night who had the night before.

Some slept in a hospital bed while those who loved them slept next to that hospital bed on a pull out chair.


Why?  That is precisely the question!  Nevermind what did they do this past weekend clueless that it was to be their last on this earth enjoying the glorious weather surrounded by family and friends.  This was their last “normal” weekend, one that started with an eerie Friday the 13th if you’re superstitious.

Why such tragedy surrounding us lately?  So much sadness and no good news.  Why?!

No one should have to be played on the news over and over saying “and we heard pop, pop, pop again and just started running!”

WHAT?  These people simply showed up for work yesterday as a typical fall Monday morning in Washington.


I get so wrapped up in days like yesterday, I can’t stop listening to WTOP run its news stories on the radio in the car, I can’t get in the door fast enough to get in front of CNN or MSNBC or heck, even NBC 4 had live coverage all day!  It’s so sad.  It’s a track wreck and only more and more horrible details emerge as the hours pass.  Why?

Who were these people?  We only “get” snippets.  They focus on the killer.  Not the killed.  Why?  This morning (the morning after) I read in line at Starbucks (we’re so set in our routines, aren’t we?) that a man killed was a 51 year-old grandfather of nine.  Nine grandkids.  That’s a lot of kids to have to tell and make understand.  Horrible.  And all that man was doing was installing new office furniture.  I don’t get it.  So sad.

Hug your kids.

Kiss your spouse.

Say I love you.



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