Problem v. Inconvenience

While listening to the radio today driving around between clients (no, I don’t have satellite radio!) I turned a concerned ear to what the DJ was talking about.

You see, today “All The Hits” 107.3 is hosting a radio-thon for Children’s National Medical Center.  Those of you who know me well, know that this was my home-away-from-home for quite awhile.  I have a special place in my heart for that “magical place” on Michigan Avenue.  Have you seen that place?  It looks like it’s from outer space!

So Bert, the new morning disc jockey, was telling listeners that some things that happen to us we think are terrible are “problems” are really merely “an inconvenience.”

Can’t upload the new iOS 7 to your iPhone?  Yeah – an inconvenience.

Your oldest child just diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor?  Yeah – that’s a problem.

Cab dropped you off two blocks from your destination?  Inconvenience.

Leaving the hospital without your newborn because she was premature and is still in the NICU?  That’s a heartbreaking problem.

Subway car packed, and you have to wait for the next?  Inconven….

You get my drift.  Like Bert was trying to do, I am trying to get you, my loyal blog readers, friends, family members, friends of friends, colleagues, and classmates, to give to Children’s National Medical Center today.

The link to give is here:

Make it recurring, make it once, just make your contribution now.

They never turn away a child.  EVER.  They even take “big kids” who were treated there as children (like me!).  They are just good people, genius doctors, and a fabulous facility.  Your donation will provide for everything Children’s needs to keep running smoothly.  Diapers for preemies, crayons for the “art cart,” dry-cleaning for the Dr. Bear costume (yours truly wearing it below!) and Legos for the playrooms, and on and on.

Miracle makers give $20 per month.  That’s $0.66 per day.  That’s in your couch now and will be next month, too!  I invite you to give, and I’ll still “heart” you if you don’t. 

Thank you…from the bottom of my heart, of course!


(L-R) Dr. Bear (me) & My Dad!

(L-R) Dr. Bear (me) & My Dad!


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