There’s Someone I’d Like You To Meet…

Ladies & Gentleman, Friends & Family, Blog Readers, Facebook friends, it’s official:  there’s a new man in my life.

He’s everything I ever dreamed of.  Photogenic, forgiving, always there and always up for a good time out on the town.

But…going in, I should tell you, it’s temporary.

I left him behind yesterday and he patiently waited for me right where I left him.  He didn’t care.  He knew I’d be back for him.  I dare say, he’s the best boyfriend ever so far!!!!

…He’s Flat Stanley!



My new best friend and great to have around for my adventures in NYC this week while I’m here “for work.”  He loves that he even gets to go on business trips with Do More with LES!

He’s a fun colorful guy who is “just my size” and fits in my purse.  He must get folded and stored in a Ziploc bag, but he travels nicely.  Doesn’t come with much “baggage” if you will!

See, no baggage!

See, no baggage!

You see, Flat Stanley belongs to a student, Maggie, in Mrs. G’s classroom at a school in Massachusetts.  (That student’s name has been changed for internet-safety purposes.)  Maggie colored and cut out Flat Stanley and made him her very own.  He can dress, too, another perk!  He’s sporting a v-neck sweater, which I think sometimes looks like a ribbon holding what could be a gold medal.  (We’re so ready for Sochi!)  He’s an award-winner all right and a very good sport!

My assignment from Maggie was to show Stanley a good time!  I have done just that and I’m not finished yet, but again, I’ll spare you an onslaught for the duration of our time together.  Here are just some fun pictures (with explanations of where we are) of our adventures together.  (click on one to see & read them all)

I’ve had so much fun introducing everyone to the new man in my life, especially the NYPD Officer!  Hope you approve of him, but rest assured, this too shall pass, just like all the rest…


2 thoughts on “There’s Someone I’d Like You To Meet…

  1. Thanks for keeping me entertained during my recovery! New York is ver y special to me. My wonderful husband flew me there to propose 25 years ago 🙂

  2. That was brilliant. I am Maggie’s Mom and I want to thank you for your awesome adventures with our boy. My daughter will be thrilled when she sees it. Karen

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