Rhonda, The Raccoon!

Forgive me; I haven’t blogged in over a month. This one is just a little off the beaten path and is certainly blog-worthy, so here goes:

This is the deal: dog sitting just isn’t what it used to be anymore.

You see, I’ve semi-retired from pet-sitting services, but for this one client in particular, I still will.

And so, the night before I was planning to move in to hang with Zach (changing name & gender to protect the innocent canine), I received an email from Zach’s owner stating “there’s some excitement over here on Petsitting Street, you may be dealing with some videographers from National Geographic because there’s a momma raccoon and her babies living in the tree between my home and the next-door neighbors!”

WHAT?! So, the NatGeo guys and I, Jon & John, became fast friends as there is the perfect viewing spot of this tree from Zach’s owner’s office window.

The boys next door have since named this raccoon, and as such, “Rhonda the Raccoon” has become a topic of everyday conversation.

I came upstairs one morning after a walk with Zach and Rhonda is just perched atop her tree hole plain as day.

Hi, Rhonda!

Hi, Rhonda!

 I walked outside (well after dark) and one John is on the neighbor’s porch and the other John is on Zach’s porch and BAM! …there’s Rhonda in all her spotlight lit up glory!

See her raccoon eyes?

See her raccoon eyes?

I even caught video of Rhonda going down into her hole.  Click play icon below:

Yes, nature is beautiful, no, rodents I am not a huge fan of, but this was pretty cool!

Every day is an adventure with LES, that’s for sure! Stay tuned.