An A to Z of Do More With LES Thru The Years & What Will Be Missed!

A – All of it! I’ll miss all of my amazing clients turned friends that I’ve met along the way! 

B – Babies! I have done my share of childcare thru the years and the babies have grown up so fast!*

C – Clients. Old, young, furry and four-legged, I will miss the clients the most!*

D – Dog walking & Dog-sitting – Sadie, Winnie, Maza, Didi, D & R (RIP), Quattro, Loki, Charlie, Russ, Claire, Penny, Baxter, Gracie, Maddie, Mackenzie and many more!*

E – Entrepreneur life! It was fun, used everything I learned at Elon about Leadership*

F – First Night Alexandria! The First Night celebrations around the country are becoming more popular with each passing year…this December 31 is Alexandria’s 20th New Year’s Eve party! Be there!*

G – Getting to work from home, in my jammies, rain or shine, even during snow storms! Doesn’t get any better!

H – Holidays – I set up for and worked almost all of them, been an Elf & The Easter Bunny, but look forward to 9 paid ones!*

I – IAD – Dulles Airport – The curbs at arrivals and departures, as well as the cell phone waiting area will miss me terribly! Not sure it’s mutual! IAD became home-away-from-home!

J – Jumping on board The Santa Train! I will miss being an elf on the Santa Train to the real life Santa & Mrs. Claus!*

K – Kelley Cares & “The Other LS” – I really enjoyed sponsoring the Kelley Cares 5K and working with Kelley’s sister, Lindsey, a.k.a. “The Other LS”!*

L – Laundry! I will miss afternoons of folding clothes for families of one, two, three, four & five!*

M – Moves! I helped people move to every corner of the globe. Do More clients are now in Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Texas, Maine, California, in & around New York City, and the list goes on.* 

N – National Airport – now there’s a cell phone area I won’t miss too terribly even tho the drop offs were so easy!

O – Open Houses for the Goodhart Group. Fun Sunday afternoons spent in a home for sale trying to sell, sell, sell the location, location, location!

P – Post-it Notes! The greatest communication tool out there. Let me know if you need your Do More with LES polka dotted post-it note pads!*

Q – Quickbooks! I will miss reconciling bank accounts for clients!

R – Referrals! My real estate license remains on referral status! Let me know at anytime if you’re looking to buy or sell. I know great realtors! Do More With LES wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for your multiple referrals, so Thank YOU! 

S – Smokey The Bear! That was a fun project. “My Smokey The Bear has lost his fluff, can’t Do More fix him?” Yes!*

T – Tupperware organizing! Who has all of their lids to all of their containers? Several satisfied clients, that’s who!*

U – UPS & FedEx will suffer greatly without Do More With LES!

V – Vehicle Donation. I got paid to watch someone’s car end up on a flatbed! What could be easier?   I even oversaw a boat go to a new home straight from a driveway!*

W – Watering & Window Boxes! I have no green thumb, but cocoa liners were fun to fill, but watering yards, trees, plants, in the dog days of summer, I may not miss!*

X – X-Rays & Colonoscopies, I’ve chauffeured clients to and from just about every procedure possible! (you’re welcome, no pics!)

Y – Yard Sales & The Parking Lot Sale! Lots of fun at the time, but not something I will miss terribly!*

Z – Zip. Zero. There’s NOT ONE way to thank you all! For your referrals, for your money, and most of all for your trust! I thank you!

Remember, in a few short weeks just Do More is going away, not LES!


Happy July – New Month & Some News!

WOW! Time flies when you’re having fun!

There is a lot going on and I wanted to share!

First of all, opportunity knocked and rang the doorbell so I flung the door open and bam, just like that, and when I least expected it, I landed a full-time position at Children’s National Medical Center!


I will be the Senior Administrative Assistant in the Department of Cardiology starting mid-August! That is, after I spend a week at the beach in South Carolina with my boyfriend and his family! So nice of them to let me start after that opportunity to recharge my batteries!

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the opportunity and appreciate all of the advice, recommendations and enthusiasm some of you have already shared. Even Mary Catherine Gallagher is excited for me!


Now, you’re likely asking, “What does this mean for Do More?” Good question! I haven’t thoroughly mapped out an answer yet, but for now, the business will wind down effective August 8th. What this means is: there is still plenty of time to book me between now and then to do everything from de-clutter, organize the garage, take those piles to Goodwill, oversee that move, walk those dogs, get you to the airport & back for your summer getaway, whatever you need done.

My days are dwindling and clients are booking up fast, so call or email today!


Have a safe and Happy 4th of July!

 & Happy Birthday, Dan!

dan & LES

(Our family’s little firework turns 23 this year, if you can believe it!)