Roses, a Nameplate & a National

What do these three things have in common, you ask?

Well, all three were a part of my first full workweek at my new job!

Day 1:  Name badge picture was taken before a full day of training complete with a terribly sad but educational and informative video. You can watch it, too. Click here:  Josh Barron’s Story

Day 2:  A dozen roses arrive at my desk within the first two hours of work! 6 pink, 6 red, all gorgeous!

Day 3: (or was it 4?) My nameplate arrived!  It’s official.

Day 5:  Another day of training (the more you know!) and during my lunch break I saw Washington Nationals pitcher, Tyler Clippard in the atrium making kids smile!

I love my job, even tho I’ll be the first to say, yes, he should have been in the bullpen warming up and throwing strikes, (as opposed to home runs!), it was heart warming to see the patients in their gowns and draped in Clippard jerseys. Too cute and makes my day-to-day here that much more worth it.

Life is good!

Yes, no, I am no longer on Facebook, successfully participating in the 30-Day Detox! Not sure I’ll return any time soon either, so stay tuned to my blog!


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