A Bronx Tale

It’s all been said, “Mr. November brought October to September,” when “Captain Clutch” came to the plate.

And yeah, yeah, yeah, so he threw an error the first time the ball was hit to him in his last game in Yankee Stadium (“the house that Jeter built”), but really, he’s flawless.  By far the best man to strut out onto the diamond, in the Bronx and stand between second and third base in pinstripes in my lifetime.

Never a bad anything from the guy, no DUI’s no fiancé beatings, lots of girlfriends, but never cover of People magazine-making drama, just class in a jersey with a 2 on the back.

There’s been a whole lot out there about Derek Jeter this week and that’s been super-fitting for my family.  (I was brainwashed by my father at a very young age, chanting “Reggie, Reggie!” with my navy plastic batting helmet on, to love the Yankees.  But this fan of the National League East Division Champion Washington Nationals simply claims, “The Yankees are my favorite American league team!”)

My stepmom, Anna, was a huge fan (& that’s a ginormous understatement) of Derek Jeter.  This week, sadly, we marked some firsts without her as Derek was celebrating a big last.  Wednesday would have been her 57th birthday.  We celebrated and the Yankees played a day game.  Thursday, she and my dad should have been at Yankee Stadium for Jeter’s last trip around the bases celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary together.

On their last road trip together they went to the Bronx for a game, if not for the win, then to simply collect their Mariano Rivera bobble heads!  All for the love of the game…and each other!

Anyway, it’s been fun to overflow Dad’s inbox this week with memories of Anna and accolades to his beloved’s beloved, Derek Jeter.  Here are just a few I thought I’d share…

Jeter’s dilemma: To play or not to play?
NEW YORK — Throughout his career, Derek Jeter has been famous for never wanting to take a day off. But is it possible he’s contemplating taking at least part of the weekend off in Boston, especially if the Yankees are eliminated from the playoff chase?


Pinstripe Pantheon
Derek Jeter has just four games remaining on the schedule in his storied, 20-year career with the Yankees. He’s served as team captain for a franchise-record 12 seasons. Jeter will retire as the club’s leader in career games, hits, and at bats, and has played more seasons in pinstripes than any other Yankee in history.


Red Sox: ‘Respect’ for Jeter
The long-awaited Fenway finale for Derek Jeter is Sunday, and the Boston Red Sox plan to mark the occasion with some type of ceremony — but don’t expect it to be an over-the-top affair.


Stadium Signage


WTOP:  CoreValues


Never ejected from a game!


Taking The Field Alone…


Billy Crystal on Derek Jeter!


I hope Boston does Derek justice is all I can say.  I’d hate to see him not play just because they’re in Fenway for the grand finale!

Enjoy & GO Nats!

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Last 3-Day Weekend for a While!

(Author’s Note:  this post is long overdue, but at least I kept it in the same month!)

So, the first two weeks are in the books and on Friday we were “told” to leave at 3 instead of 5 and we were on our way!

Ja made plans to get me “out of dodge” for the long weekend and now we had a jump-start on the traffic, too!  Even tho I had plans for the back roads all mapped (& printed) out!

Williamsburg or bust! ~ We had no traffic (ok, a cop sighting or two!) and made it there in three hours!

All day Saturday was spent at Busch Gardens!  We were even there as the sun went down and then some!  Ja went on every roller coaster and we did two (too many) water rides in plain clothes!

I dare admit I joined him on the last coaster ONLY because it didn’t go upside down.  Too bad it did everything else:  eject, shoot out of the chute, the bottom dropped out, we went into a dark tunnel, the works!  Everything was shaking at the end:  knees, brain, and my ticker, all of it!  “I can’t see!”  “I’m not looking!”  “I just want to see the flash so I know it’s almost over!”  (It takes your picture at the end.  I saw the proof; clearly it’s not of my face as my head is buried in his arm!)

We saw London Rocks, a fun spoof on the Beatles, we saw Clydesdales, sheep, an owl, Irish setters and a cow. We rode the train and the sky-lift from country to country and just had a blast all day!

Sunday we went to Water Country USA! Prepare to be soaked! Literally walked around in water shoes and bathing suits all day and some sunscreen, too, and I got wet all day long!  Every waterslide, lazy river, the wave pool, and new this year, the Colossal Curl, we did it all. What fun!

Waterlogged and not done yet, we went to Duke of Gloucester Street (a.k.a. DOG Street) for sunset and played the history major tourists that we are, complete with a selfie with Thomas Jefferson!

Monday we returned to “the ‘Burg” for some souvenirs and had another nice leisurely traffic-free ride home.