I’m Turning 29 … Again & for the first time!

Most 30-something’s like to tell people they’re turning 29 again!

This 37½ year old would like to tell you that today part of me is turning 29 – for the first time!

Today marks 29 years since my last open heart surgery to replace the mitral valve that was placed when I was 3 as a result of my congenital atrial septal defect.  That’s right, I was born with a broken heart.

So, today, once again and with all due respect, I send the universal thank you shout-out to my family, my doctors and all of my friends who make sure I keep on tickin’ every day!

This year is especially meaningful since I am now employed full-time at my home away from home during all of those surgeries, Children’s National Medical Center!  I am loving my job in the Department of Cardiology!  I couldn’t ask for much more than being right here, helping doctors save kids and care for their broken hearts every single day!  Whether we’re reading an EKG, refilling a prescription or scheduling an echo, we’re making a difference and I’m lucky enough to be a part of it all!

Thank you all from the bottom of my ticker!  Here’s to turning 29!

If so inclined, you may make a tax-deductible contribution to Children’s in my honor by clicking here! 



$16 in honor of Sophia!

Dear Friends,

It is hard for all of us to believe, I know, but today my darling god-daughter, Sophia Frances DeLoatche, celebrates her Sweet 16!

Happy Birthday, Sweet 16!

No better gift than to receive a little extra TLC on your special day, so I invite each of you to please drop her a line at SFDRocks@gmail.com.


If you feel so compelled, I’m initiating today, the $16 for Sophia’s $ixteenth fundraising campaign.  For every donor today to the “Dollars for DeLoatche’s” fundraiser, I will match with $1. (So if 20 of you donate, I will donate $20, and if 250 of you donate, well …you get it!)

It would be clever if you gave as little as $16 in honor of Sophia’s special day, but since it is the 21st, you could give $21, and since it is October, you could give $10.  Every little bit, in whichever denomination, helps!  I like even and good round numbers best, myself, but again, whatever you feel compelled to do will be hugely appreciated and put directly towards the family and their most dire needs!

So simply send an email and/or click here to donate, and you will have made Sophia’s day, I promise!

Lots of love and I look forward to making my contribution in the morning based on how many of you give today!

Tick, tock you have until midnight!
Thank you in advance for making the girl’s day!


Her Fairy Godmother
Lauren Elisabeth Lydia



Happy Fall Y’all!

It’s that time of year again!

There’s a chill in the air, there are dark colors on toenails, leaves that crunch, pumpkins sit pretty (til the squirrels get to ’em!) and it just looks beautiful outside.  

A few recent snapshots while out and about!  

Enjoy & Happy Fall, Y’all!


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