Happy Thanksgiving 2014

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the goodies!


Lucky Sevens!

7 fun friends took & shared selfies last Tuesday showing off their “I Voted” sticker.

Alexandria’s are still the coolest stating very matter-of-factly “I Voted In Alexandria”.


While we don’t vote just to get the cool sticker, it is a fun perk!  Marylanders got one that says “I Voted, Yo Vote”  Muy Bueno!

I have to confess, I almost didn’t make it to my polling place that night.

While I’ve always been a proponent of “please go vote” I’m changing my song to “Vote Absentee!” just in case & because you never know!

Traffic was a nightmare, I worked all day, commuting on the Metro is no joke, so… lesson learned, I shall VOTE early from now on!

Other lessons learned:  you all have too much fun sharing your pics!  Thank you so much, I was voting vicariously thru you all from my desk!

Having been in Nashville on Election Night 2000, I am a firm believer in “it’s not over til it’s over!” & “Count Every Vote!”

Recounts are expensive, and luckily for the Commonwealth, by the skin of our teeth, we didn’t need one.  Maryland either, despite winning a Republican Governor, there’s still Democratic representation in the House of Representatives.

Next time:  How about if we don’t let Voter Turnout turn into Voter Burnout!

If I heard one more person say on the morning after:  “oh I didn’t even vote, I was so sick of the commercials….”

Here’s to 2016! 

Suz Voted! E-laine on E-Day! Stu, Your Voter! I voted! Two Smart Voters w/ fun manicures! Smart Woman! MD Voter! Alexandria!

p.s. if Saturday Night Live doesn’t do something with that Joni Ernst, something is seriously wrong with those writers!

It’s Election Day! Do More: VOTE!

I have a lot of thoughts and mixed emotions on the day.

First and foremost, please go vote!

More random thoughts:

  • It is indeed killing me just a little that I am not working the polls today, specifically at Polk Elementary with the greatest Chief (& fellow poll workers) the City of Alexandria has ever had.  (Chief also happens to be my mother!)  Even my dear old dad is working the polls in the fabulous Fairfax County today!
  • It will  be the first time in, well, that I can ever remember voting for Congress, that I will not see “James P. Moran, Jr.” on the ballot.
  • It’s an even-numbered day, that has to mean all good things!
  • Once upon a time a boss’s boyfriend proposed on election day, so I always think of them, more positivity!
  • The entire U.S. Senate is up today.  We could collectively change the balance of power.  Win some, lose some, either way, there will be a shake up.  (I wish I could vote for Alison today!)
  • This is officially a mid-term election.  Meaning this is the middle of Barack Obama’s last term.  Sort of a punch in the gut, if you ask me.  Depressing that it’s almost over for him and so much is on the line.
  • At my polling place two names will be on the ballot:  Mark & Don.  Nope, not the Wahlberg’s, tho a blast back to New Kids on the Block & the Funky Bunch was fun, but Senator Mark Warner (who bought out the John of “Mark Not John” from campaigns past at last nights rally!) and my soon-to-be-Congressman, Don Beyer.
  • Text me & show me your “I Voted” sticker!  (my boyfriend just did!)  Or put it in the  comments or via twitter @DoMorewithLES

Do More:   VOTE!