Cancer Sucks … Have Hope!

While walking thru downtown Frederick, Maryland yesterday I saw a cute elderly couple just loving the afternoon of blue skies, few clouds and terrific temps.  As I got closer to them I noticed the gentleman’s shirt read “CANCER SUCKS” in big letters.  “It sure does,” I wanted to say, because “I like your shirt” seemed too inappropriate.

Flash-forward to the following morning when I woke up and departed home-sweet-home before anyone else was awake and headed off to Freedom Plaza.  I was to meet a colleague and her team in time for the Survivors Tribute.  See, Super CT is a brain cancer survivor.  All survivors who came out to the Race for Hope were in yellow t-shirts.  To watch this sea of yellow survivors go by was simply tear-jerking.  Not a dry eye, as more and more and more walked by.  Too many, in fact.  Cancer sucks and rears its ugly, poison-induced head on all too many.  Some were in wheelchairs, some running, prancing, strolling, some even scooting a walker in front and then coaxing one foot to go in the front of the other.  Terribly sad, truly incredible and totally awe-inspiring. When Super CT went by her mom and dad were near me and I saw her dad wave the sign language for “I Love You”.  That got me.

I was to meet a girlfriend afterward.  Her husband asked, “when’s LES coming?”  “After the brain tumor walk.”  “Oh! Why is she walking for brain tumors, is she for them or anti?”

I am definitely anti, but was somehow inspired seeing so many people out and walking and running the 5K for such a good cause.  Filled with hope!

I walked alone for those who cannot.  I thought long and hard about the battles I’ve watched be waged by so many against the ugly, horrific disease.  

My heart was heavy.  We must never give up!

 IMG_5725 IMG_5726 IMG_5731 IMG_5735  IMG_5741 IMG_5742

Oh & The walk route took us by the Newseum and I couldn’t resist a pic of the Baby Princess coverage!



“So, how’s it going?” You ask?

Well… Life is good and it is hard to complain. 

But there are a lot of boxes that need unpacking.
Every day and night brings another find and another commuting adventure.
Nope, I haven’t quite mastered the best way to get to work as of yet, I’m settling in on driving to Glenmont is the best way, but it’s not the most fantastic route home. Well, taking a wrong turn doesn’t help either. Don’t get me started on the toll for the ICC + metro fare + metro parking fee. Ain’t cheap, I promise.

We still get along. He definitely has more boxes than I do, but the number of boxes he needs to unpack still is almost equivalent to the numbers of hours I need to spend in my (thank goodness) oversized closet. For a personal organizer to be living with a man who came fairly organized, we do pretty well.

We are certainly in agreement that we are on a mission. Last weekend’s mission was to get the (again, oversized) windows covered. This involved measuring, buying curtain rods and then the curtains. Panel set after panel set somehow we got all of the “shared space” presentable. Our bedroom window coverings are still the old wooden shutter, but after a special order and free delivery after having bought the store out, we have everything we need to start hanging the new curtains. And rods. Eventually.

Meanwhile, the kitchen, dining room, living room and The Divine Miss M’s room are show-off-able here for your viewing pleasure.

Then there’s the outside.  Confession:  I like playing in the dirt and picking weeds even though I have no idea what exactly I’m doing. I mean, how hard can it be?!  Get rid of the stuff that shouldn’t be there, keep what should, right?  Whew. Then I started in on the ivy growing up the brick between our neighbors home and ours…yeah, that took all day. Talk about relieving some stress… Too bad there are only after photos and no real before pics, but you can tell from the green stained brick how high and intense the growth was.
IMG_0190      Before

IMG_0195  & After!

 IMG_5664 IMG_5665 IMG_5668
A little at a time…