The Weekend Funnies

It’s a family thing.  They all read the Sunday paper starting with the comics.

They, Ja and Molly, that is.  But this blog post is about the funny stuff that comes out of her mouth.

Literally out of the mouths of babes….

Friday night:  “Hey, have a look, Molly, this is the dress all you girls are going to wear in the wedding!”

It’s pretty, colorful, within the wedding color template.  I like it. I excitedly show her and make it larger on my phone.

She looks very intently and inquisitively and without missing a beat says “oh, I’m not wearing that!  I won’t look one-of-a-kind in that dress!”  Plops down on couch and continues with, “and besides, it has flowers on it, and bees like flowers, and I’m scared of bees!  No one is going to stand near me in that dress and collect the bees!”

I’m starting to dread this whole outdoor wedding thing even more.  She’s going to look like a spazz-tastic freak show swatting bees the whole time!

The next morning, after I contemplated it a bit, I thanked her for pointing out that she should indeed look “one-of-a-kind” and we will go shopping for a dress only she will wear.  “OK, but, Lauren, I have to look extraordinary!”  She said it so matter-of-fact, like straight out of a Disney dialogue, not at all like she also knew how to spell such a word.  I was caught speechless for just a second and replied, “if you’re supposed to look “extraordinary,” then how am I supposed to look?” (because it is all about me, right?)

“Like the bride, duh!” 



Yes, We Are!

…We’re really doing this!

Believe it or not, it’s all really, truly coming together!

And it’s not taking long either, thank heavens!

“What am I missing?” is all I keep asking myself?

There’s a story and a connection behind every contact I have and have made for this wedding and I really wouldn’t be this far along without some great friends, clients & fam!

Rings – Check!  We had to resize each of our wedding bands, but they’re now a perfect fit and in our possession.  The Ridgway family jeweler has gained another almost-Ridgway family customer!

Make-Up – Check!  I got Marti from Christine and Megan and in the morning Marti did my trial make-up session and that afternoon I was off to Christine’s baby shower.  Time flies when you’re having fun!

Hair-do – Check!  My dad went for his trial run today!  Hahahaha, half-kidding!  Stephanie at The Bride’s Mane came over on Sunday morning and did quite a number on my hair.  Those who know me and love me know that she has her work cut out for her.  Lucky for me (and for her!),  I found something I wanted done and, voila! ~She did it!  And it held for hours…let’s just hope it’s not too humid and doesn’t rain day-of!

Proof guests show – I refuse to call it a guest book, because we aren’t having one of those and we’re not getting your thumb prints on our “tree of life” either, but we did get something cool for everyone to sign!  It’s HUGE, arrived yesterday and is better than expected!  Can’t wait to hang on the wall in our foyer.

Lil something to take away – those arrived, too, also better than expected.  That Pam, she’s exceeding expectations in the “all things in print” category!  A “save” from my dress-shopping friend, Kate!

The guest list is compiled; the addresses are all laid out, I know Pam is chomping at the bit to start the envelope printing.

Now all I need is for my dress to come in and my sister-in-law to do the flower gals’ dress shopping!  I wouldn’t have a gown if it weren’t for Kate dragging me in kicking and screaming.  As if her inability to attend the big day isn’t bad enough, she had to suffer thru my “okay I’ll try it on again!”

Something blue?  Got it by way of a sharpie marker!

Something borrowed?  Yep – my veil carries with it the memories of the celebrations of many fabulous females before me.

We’ve sat down with our Officiant, we’ve picked out lots of yummy desserts, our wine connoisseur friends have chosen reds, whites, and recommended our now-secured valet services!  … We’re almost there!

What am I forgetting?  Photographer, check!  Rehearsal dinner, done!  Tent!  We need a tent – just in case!

Yes, the hotel room for the night-of was confirmed ages ago, worry not!  He took care of that in no time while I took care of our wedding website:


2 months from today!  (and no, we don’t have a wedding hashtag!)