31 donors, 31 years & OVER $3100!

Wow!  Wow!  Awesomeness! WOW!  THANK YOU, All!!!!

Holy excited, Batman!  This is awesome! I am truly blessed with fabulous family and fun friends!  Thank you so much, from the bottom of my ticker!


Not only did I meet my (lofty at the time!) fundraising goal, but…..

   ~ I have met this goal with over a month left before the walk!

   ~ I have met this goal with 31 donors total (ironic?) including family, friends, clients and my retiring Cardiologist, even! (because I’m not shy, and bragged about my lofty goal!)

   ~ We’ve successfully raised over $3100 for a grand total of $3154. (…and counting, it’s never too late to give!)

   ~ and all with the reason being to celebrate 31 years since my last open heart surgery!


Here’s to April 30 when we walk!  Join us for a fun (early) quick (short) stroll thru Wheaton Regional Park, won’t you!?

…& now back to the Eagle Cam!