Never Have I Ever…

There’s a game you may have heard about recently called “Never Have I Ever”. I learned of it recently on House of Cards, Season 4, Episode 11, to be exact, but last Tuesday I played it!

See, a client called the other day completely perplexed.

She had seen an ad for something for sale on the Internet.

She clicked and chatted with seller and then lo and behold, BAM, she became the buyer… of something off of Craig’s List and completely panicked.

She should have been excited at this point, to have made contact and ultimately #winning, but, no, in fact, the total opposite.  She was panicked and immediately said “Do More – I need Do More!”

She called.

I answered. 

Little did I know she had never bought anything on Craig’s List before and just simply was at a loss.  “What do I do now,” she asked, “this just seems so absurd!”

I brought her down off the ledge, calmed her down and said.  “It’s easy – I’ll go with you and we’ll pick it up together!  WAIT – What’d you buy?”

“Sweet, you will?  Don’t worry about what it is, it’ll be fun, but I definitely need LES!  How soon can you get here?”

We agreed the next morning at 11, I shall arrive at her house and she told the seller we’d be there at noon.  Little did I know, no, we weren’t taking my car, this would require her completely empty, all-seats-down minivan!

And away we went.  Laughing and smiling all the way, she wouldn’t tell what we were fetching.

We arrived at the condo of her new friend “Wes” and backed the van up the driveway.  Oh man, what on earth could we be getting from this garage?

Getting? Ummm, nothing!  We were Freeing Dobby!

This Dobby in particular stood in a movie theater lobby in its Harry Potter heyday but his new home is definitely supposed to be smack dab in the middle of my client’s house!  This client is one die-hard Harry Potter fan and always will be!

Thanks to Do More with LES, we were able to Free Dobby!

If this doesn’t prove that Do More Does It All, I don’t know what does!

I offloaded Dobby straight out of the back of the van and delivered him to her front door!  He couldn’t reach the doorbell, so I rang and left the surprise, a freed house elf for her wife to greet!

Too funny!

So, if you’ve never really felt super comfortable going to get something you’ve purchased via Craig’s List, or whatever else, give Do More a call today…you’ll be glad you did. I know Dobby is glad this client did.