I Can’t Put it Into Words, but…I’ll try

I feel like I’ve read it all.

I haven’t.

I feel like I’ve felt this all before.

I have.

Folks, we’ve been here before. We’ll be here again. History repeats itself.  We were “with her” and we are “stronger together” as a result. We just didn’t chant that as frequently or with such fervor as they chanted “lock her up!”

But the facts are the facts: feet on the street win elections. We should have done more. We assumed minds were made up so we ignored middle America. You cannot win with the seaboards alone, though 77 electoral votes in the West Coast were worth staying up for.

There were carbon copy flashbacks of Election Night 2000. Remember “Sore Loserman”? What’s old is new again.  We were counting down the days “until we win” while Ralph Nader’s shit show paraded back and forth in front of our Nashville HQ.

We did all we could until it was “return watch party” time.

And it got later, and later, and later.

The stage was set, the balloons ready to fall from the ceiling, and then…it got later, and an older man with not quite a full head of hair came out INSTEAD of our candidate, and the woman we had been with during the entire campaign, did not.  Remember Warren Christopher?  There was no real end to that night. Either night.  But in 2000, the recounts were underway.

After all that time and singular focus, you throw in the towel, you go to sleep, you wake up and POW!, you find yourself in a different world where the one with the most votes is NOT declared the winner.  Again.

We live in a democracy. It was a real-life (long & drawn out) episode of Survivor (or the Bachelor, or however best you can relate), someone gets voted off the island and not handed a rose. There was only going to be one winner. But for the sake of SO many, and as I had wished it in 2000, I wished it had been HER.

My lucky big-city-livin’ brother was IN the Javits Center in the heart of the excitement and energy….until it wasn’t anymore. When I asked if he got any pictures he gave me a quick reply and I wished I could have eaten my words.

“You know what I got last night? I watched a Muslim man writhe in agony on the floor in front of me. I saw a woman take off her keffiyeh and throw it in the trash.”  

I cried when I woke up and I cried again when I heard the news and time stood still. This is real. This result means so much and so many different things to so many.

Kindness & love, people!  You just never know what Tuesday meant to so many lives around us. Start talking to people. Everyone. This is an all too divided nation and it needn’t be.

I wish I had answers. Protests and riots are not the answer. We should each strive to be our better selves and hope our new president and our fellow citizens will learn to love their neighbor.


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I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank our gracious hostesses with the mostest, we did have a lot of fun for a while and did punch two fists into the air when we won Virginia!  Thanks, T & L