If I turned 40 in April, that can only mean that my “ticker” turns 32 today!

For 32 years, my St. Jude mitral valve has been ticking in the center of my heart.  Providing me daily with life, questions, breath, joy and wonder.  And sometimes, rhythm.


Placed by Dr. Frank Midgley on October 30, 1985 and by medical miracle, still functioning today in 2017 – I mean, come on, doesn’t 1985 seem pretty long ago?  You wouldn’t drive a car from 1985 these days, would you?!  I’m ecstatic to still be tickin’ today.  I think of Dr. Midgley often, every time I go to a cardiologist appointment and as 10/30 gets closer and closer each year.  My parents and I are eternally grateful for his expertise.  

2017, in keeping with the jinx that I dislike odd-numbered years, has not been great, but today, 10/30, I focus on finding joy in the medical miracle that I carry around with me everywhere I go and listen to every night after a long day.

It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’!

Today I am donating $32 to the Adult Congenital Heart Association, because babies like me who have successful procedures like I did on 10/30/1985 grow up to be thriving, successful adults and need continued care and research, too.  Hope you’ll consider donating along with me.

So, what’s so big about 32?

Well it’s Matt Weiters jersey number.  He plays for the 2017 NLDS Champion Washington Nationals!

It’s also the jersey number of the New York Yankees’ first black player, Elston Howard, and L.A. Dodger & famous Jewish pitcher, Sandy Koufax & the LA Lakers’, Magic Johnson!  Come on, you knew there’d be sports references!


Thanks for following along.