The “Walk” Was Successful ~ Thank YOU!

Three months ago I posted on here about the Adult Congenital Heart Walk taking place in Wheaton at Brookside Gardens.

In the meantime, with the help of 42 donors, I was one of the top five fundraisers for the 2016 Washington DC Area Congenital Heart Walk!  Just $3 shy of $3500!  Smallest donation:  $5.  Largest donation:  $500.  Love felt:  All of it!

This year I was supported by my parents, siblings, in-laws, husband, aunts, uncles, friends in Hong Kong, family in Germany, friends closer to home, friends of my parents, colleagues, Do More with LES clients, families I babysat for, even my (retiring) cardiologist – so much love far and wide!  Thank you so much!

Last Saturday I participated in the walk.  See, I cannot say I “walked” because that would be lying.  I managed to be handed yet another medical speedbump and was forced to be pushed in a wheelchair by my fabulous husband and a few little helpers.  It was vascular surgery on my legs so that I can make an international flight across the pond for our upcoming honeymoon and physically, actually walk.  I opted to travel, thus saving my leg and requiring the wheelchair.  Big bummer, but still lucky enough to participate!

My brother-in-law, his cute daughter (almost 3), my step-daughter (9), my girlfriend, and her son (also, almost 3) and my dear ole dad walked alongside.  My amazingly supportive (and thankfully strong) husband pushed yours truly in her wheelchair!  Thank goodness for the carousel afterwards.  The sun didn’t come out, but it didn’t rain on us either, so it was a terrific morning surrounded by love and support.  Even at 39, I still feel like a pretty lucky kid at that event.  It was nice to see friends from Children’s National there, too.

Thank you to my forty-two donors, and if you’re reading and haven’t yet done so, it’s never too late to give, as the cause and research will always be there.  Thank you from the bottom of my ticker!  Cheerio!


heartfelt thx




A Referral Turned Friend, Two Times Over

A co-worker of a long-time Do More client, who we will call Dee, needed Do More earlier this year and so, I happily helped out and more got done! 

New client, Ellen, was happy to have found me and appreciated all I had done so much, that she mentioned my services and capabilities to a neighbor. She asked if I would be able to help this neighbor, who is also a dear friend of hers and I said, of course!

Little did I know!

Turns out Ellen’s friend, Marie needed to have some surgery that “they” said would be “same-day”.  So, without knowing Marie for one second before the morning I picked her up at her home, we became fast friends as we high-tailed it thru morning rush hour traffic to the hospital. 

I dropped her off at the main entrance and went to park the car. 

Once I re-entered the hospital, it didn’t take long to find her at the registration desk. She didn’t need me. She’s got this!

Next we were off to “the bowels of this building” to check-in for surgery and pre-op.  Marie checked in as the patient and checked me in as her “driver”. They took my cell number down and gave me her secret code number to protect patient identity (Hello, HIPPA!) so I could track her progress through the day. 

They took her back and then told me I could go back and join her a few minutes later. (Huh? I’m just her driver?)

So, I went back, saw her in her hospital and pre-surgical best and took her personal belongings bag and kept it close. I met the doctor and told him to take good care of my new friend. She loved telling everyone “I just met her this morning when she came to get me but I feel like I’ve known her forever.” Mostly because, in the waiting room we talked about everything from her kids to her grandkids and what got her into having to have this surgery in the first place.  Heaven forbid you make AND deliver homemade chocolate chip cookies to the kind neighbors who dig you out after the blizzard!

Anyway, long story short, I left Marie there for surgery and they would call when she was in recovery.  I double-dipped and took another client that day.  Upon my return to the hospital I found her sawing logs in the recovery room.  Nowhere near waking up, I soon realized that this “same day surgery” in and out procedure was going to go on to well past the sun went down.  She eventually re-joined the land of the living but finally agreed that she was just still too out of it to go home. 

Using my “medical background,” as she stated she was so relieved that I had, I booked her a room for the night – you know it’s bad when the patient opts to stay put overnight, and it was far from a Hyatt, trust me!  Luckily the doc I snagged in the hall was the same one I saw the next morning as he was walking out of her room handing her her discharge papers!  So, 24 hours later, I was departing the hospital, with patient, who was finally back to her spitfire self!  I’ll spare my readers of the stitches coming out pictures! You’re welcome!

Call her a satisfied client or a new found friend, it’s one and the same and we have kept tabs on each other ever since!  I love my job, friends, clients and referrals!  Keep ‘em coming!

Never Have I Ever…

There’s a game you may have heard about recently called “Never Have I Ever”. I learned of it recently on House of Cards, Season 4, Episode 11, to be exact, but last Tuesday I played it!

See, a client called the other day completely perplexed.

She had seen an ad for something for sale on the Internet.

She clicked and chatted with seller and then lo and behold, BAM, she became the buyer… of something off of Craig’s List and completely panicked.

She should have been excited at this point, to have made contact and ultimately #winning, but, no, in fact, the total opposite.  She was panicked and immediately said “Do More – I need Do More!”

She called.

I answered. 

Little did I know she had never bought anything on Craig’s List before and just simply was at a loss.  “What do I do now,” she asked, “this just seems so absurd!”

I brought her down off the ledge, calmed her down and said.  “It’s easy – I’ll go with you and we’ll pick it up together!  WAIT – What’d you buy?”

“Sweet, you will?  Don’t worry about what it is, it’ll be fun, but I definitely need LES!  How soon can you get here?”

We agreed the next morning at 11, I shall arrive at her house and she told the seller we’d be there at noon.  Little did I know, no, we weren’t taking my car, this would require her completely empty, all-seats-down minivan!

And away we went.  Laughing and smiling all the way, she wouldn’t tell what we were fetching.

We arrived at the condo of her new friend “Wes” and backed the van up the driveway.  Oh man, what on earth could we be getting from this garage?

Getting? Ummm, nothing!  We were Freeing Dobby!

This Dobby in particular stood in a movie theater lobby in its Harry Potter heyday but his new home is definitely supposed to be smack dab in the middle of my client’s house!  This client is one die-hard Harry Potter fan and always will be!

Thanks to Do More with LES, we were able to Free Dobby!

If this doesn’t prove that Do More Does It All, I don’t know what does!

I offloaded Dobby straight out of the back of the van and delivered him to her front door!  He couldn’t reach the doorbell, so I rang and left the surprise, a freed house elf for her wife to greet!

Too funny!

So, if you’ve never really felt super comfortable going to get something you’ve purchased via Craig’s List, or whatever else, give Do More a call today…you’ll be glad you did. I know Dobby is glad this client did.



31 donors, 31 years & OVER $3100!

Wow!  Wow!  Awesomeness! WOW!  THANK YOU, All!!!!

Holy excited, Batman!  This is awesome! I am truly blessed with fabulous family and fun friends!  Thank you so much, from the bottom of my ticker!


Not only did I meet my (lofty at the time!) fundraising goal, but…..

   ~ I have met this goal with over a month left before the walk!

   ~ I have met this goal with 31 donors total (ironic?) including family, friends, clients and my retiring Cardiologist, even! (because I’m not shy, and bragged about my lofty goal!)

   ~ We’ve successfully raised over $3100 for a grand total of $3154. (…and counting, it’s never too late to give!)

   ~ and all with the reason being to celebrate 31 years since my last open heart surgery!


Here’s to April 30 when we walk!  Join us for a fun (early) quick (short) stroll thru Wheaton Regional Park, won’t you!?

…& now back to the Eagle Cam!

A Bronx Tale

It’s all been said, “Mr. November brought October to September,” when “Captain Clutch” came to the plate.

And yeah, yeah, yeah, so he threw an error the first time the ball was hit to him in his last game in Yankee Stadium (“the house that Jeter built”), but really, he’s flawless.  By far the best man to strut out onto the diamond, in the Bronx and stand between second and third base in pinstripes in my lifetime.

Never a bad anything from the guy, no DUI’s no fiancé beatings, lots of girlfriends, but never cover of People magazine-making drama, just class in a jersey with a 2 on the back.

There’s been a whole lot out there about Derek Jeter this week and that’s been super-fitting for my family.  (I was brainwashed by my father at a very young age, chanting “Reggie, Reggie!” with my navy plastic batting helmet on, to love the Yankees.  But this fan of the National League East Division Champion Washington Nationals simply claims, “The Yankees are my favorite American league team!”)

My stepmom, Anna, was a huge fan (& that’s a ginormous understatement) of Derek Jeter.  This week, sadly, we marked some firsts without her as Derek was celebrating a big last.  Wednesday would have been her 57th birthday.  We celebrated and the Yankees played a day game.  Thursday, she and my dad should have been at Yankee Stadium for Jeter’s last trip around the bases celebrating their 21st wedding anniversary together.

On their last road trip together they went to the Bronx for a game, if not for the win, then to simply collect their Mariano Rivera bobble heads!  All for the love of the game…and each other!

Anyway, it’s been fun to overflow Dad’s inbox this week with memories of Anna and accolades to his beloved’s beloved, Derek Jeter.  Here are just a few I thought I’d share…

Jeter’s dilemma: To play or not to play?
NEW YORK — Throughout his career, Derek Jeter has been famous for never wanting to take a day off. But is it possible he’s contemplating taking at least part of the weekend off in Boston, especially if the Yankees are eliminated from the playoff chase?

Pinstripe Pantheon
Derek Jeter has just four games remaining on the schedule in his storied, 20-year career with the Yankees. He’s served as team captain for a franchise-record 12 seasons. Jeter will retire as the club’s leader in career games, hits, and at bats, and has played more seasons in pinstripes than any other Yankee in history.

Red Sox: ‘Respect’ for Jeter
The long-awaited Fenway finale for Derek Jeter is Sunday, and the Boston Red Sox plan to mark the occasion with some type of ceremony — but don’t expect it to be an over-the-top affair.

Stadium Signage

WTOP:  CoreValues

Never ejected from a game!

Taking The Field Alone…

Billy Crystal on Derek Jeter!

I hope Boston does Derek justice is all I can say.  I’d hate to see him not play just because they’re in Fenway for the grand finale!

Enjoy & GO Nats!

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& last but certainly not least:

Bon voyage!  Au Revoir!  ¡Adios!  & Safe Journeys Ahead… but not goodbye!

Today’s the day. It is 8/8/14 and my last official day as a small business owner, entrepreneur, accountant, bookkeeper, laundry-picker-upper, closet organizer and chauffeur!  That’s right we’ve reached “COB for Do More” day. 

…But not without an early morning sunrise to start my day on the Dulles Access Road. 

Yep, I have clients coming in on a redeye this morning from South Africa.  


It was a little bittersweet seeing the airport terminal bright and shining as the beacon that it is for so many travelers. It’s black “shelves” congruent, symmetrical and perfect and the white “ball” atop, glistening. 

I stopped and took a picture, it doesn’t do it justice & yes, I was afraid I’d get questioned by the passing security guard, but, it was a view to be captured. As I climbed back into the car I stopped and thought about just how many times I have been to IAD with clients and to await their arrival. 


My clients are quite the globe-trotters. I have taken TR&WW to “the Kong” and back numerous times (& that’s not even counting DCA runs), J&H to and from Africa, Poland, China, the Philippines, London, Orlando & San Francisco, just to name a few, the S-O family to “the Big Island” many summers in a row, one-time clients from Ireland, another client (whose condo I helped sell to them) to Poland, K&B to Australia, among other fun places, the neighbors to St. Maarten, their nanny to Germany, the list goes on…

Just pausing to say “my people” – my clients, turned friends – have been quite the globetrotting bunch and I have enjoyed our talks, “real-life postcards” as I like to call them, about their adventures, both before and after, very much! 

I feel honored that so many have trusted me in my numerous vehicles through the years, and sometimes in theirs, to take them safely on their life’s adventures. 

Not goodbye, but friendly skies!

(Oh yeah, before I get too sappy, I have another trip back here in 12 short hours as friends depart for Ireland…..cheers!)

Gotta go, they just called from Door 1 and are ready for me to circle around!