Happy Fall Y’all!

It’s that time of year again!

There’s a chill in the air, there are dark colors on toenails, leaves that crunch, pumpkins sit pretty (til the squirrels get to ’em!) and it just looks beautiful outside.  

A few recent snapshots while out and about!  

Enjoy & Happy Fall, Y’all!


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An A to Z of Do More With LES Thru The Years & What Will Be Missed!

A – All of it! I’ll miss all of my amazing clients turned friends that I’ve met along the way! 

B – Babies! I have done my share of childcare thru the years and the babies have grown up so fast!*

C – Clients. Old, young, furry and four-legged, I will miss the clients the most!*

D – Dog walking & Dog-sitting – Sadie, Winnie, Maza, Didi, D & R (RIP), Quattro, Loki, Charlie, Russ, Claire, Penny, Baxter, Gracie, Maddie, Mackenzie and many more!*

E – Entrepreneur life! It was fun, used everything I learned at Elon about Leadership*

F – First Night Alexandria! The First Night celebrations around the country are becoming more popular with each passing year…this December 31 is Alexandria’s 20th New Year’s Eve party! Be there!*

G – Getting to work from home, in my jammies, rain or shine, even during snow storms! Doesn’t get any better!

H – Holidays – I set up for and worked almost all of them, been an Elf & The Easter Bunny, but look forward to 9 paid ones!*

I – IAD – Dulles Airport – The curbs at arrivals and departures, as well as the cell phone waiting area will miss me terribly! Not sure it’s mutual! IAD became home-away-from-home!

J – Jumping on board The Santa Train! I will miss being an elf on the Santa Train to the real life Santa & Mrs. Claus!*

K – Kelley Cares & “The Other LS” – I really enjoyed sponsoring the Kelley Cares 5K and working with Kelley’s sister, Lindsey, a.k.a. “The Other LS”!*

L – Laundry! I will miss afternoons of folding clothes for families of one, two, three, four & five!*

M – Moves! I helped people move to every corner of the globe. Do More clients are now in Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Texas, Maine, California, in & around New York City, and the list goes on.* 

N – National Airport – now there’s a cell phone area I won’t miss too terribly even tho the drop offs were so easy!

O – Open Houses for the Goodhart Group. Fun Sunday afternoons spent in a home for sale trying to sell, sell, sell the location, location, location!

P – Post-it Notes! The greatest communication tool out there. Let me know if you need your Do More with LES polka dotted post-it note pads!*

Q – Quickbooks! I will miss reconciling bank accounts for clients!

R – Referrals! My real estate license remains on referral status! Let me know at anytime if you’re looking to buy or sell. I know great realtors! Do More With LES wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for your multiple referrals, so Thank YOU! 

S – Smokey The Bear! That was a fun project. “My Smokey The Bear has lost his fluff, can’t Do More fix him?” Yes!*

T – Tupperware organizing! Who has all of their lids to all of their containers? Several satisfied clients, that’s who!*

U – UPS & FedEx will suffer greatly without Do More With LES!

V – Vehicle Donation. I got paid to watch someone’s car end up on a flatbed! What could be easier?   I even oversaw a boat go to a new home straight from a driveway!*

W – Watering & Window Boxes! I have no green thumb, but cocoa liners were fun to fill, but watering yards, trees, plants, in the dog days of summer, I may not miss!*

X – X-Rays & Colonoscopies, I’ve chauffeured clients to and from just about every procedure possible! (you’re welcome, no pics!)

Y – Yard Sales & The Parking Lot Sale! Lots of fun at the time, but not something I will miss terribly!*

Z – Zip. Zero. There’s NOT ONE way to thank you all! For your referrals, for your money, and most of all for your trust! I thank you!

Remember, in a few short weeks just Do More is going away, not LES!

Twenty Bucks for Taylor!

Dear Friends,

There’s no easy way to put this, but the truth is: bad things happen to good people!

My friend, Z. Taylor Shultz is a son, father, colleague, and loving husband.  He’s completely Texan and to use the words of his wife, “just the nicest guy you could ever, ever meet.”  Period.

So – why?  Why did this terrible “accident” happen to Taylor?  To those around him who work with him, who went to school with him, and who love him?  Why?

Rather than really try to figure out the WHY?, let’s accept that it DID and do something about it.  Something as simple as give “Twenty Bucks For Taylor!”

There is so much expense involved when something like this happens to a family.

Melissa, Taylor’s rock and one true love, might need a break while getting settled in her new little home sweet home in Dallas.  If Melissa even begins to dream about leaving home, she must find someone to “just be” with Taylor.  In order to hire in help, there is a $20 gap in coverage financially for Taylor’s care.  Twenty Bucks for Taylor is the answer and YOU can help be a part of the solution!

Having a lot of friends (like any friends of Melissa & Taylor certainly do) has to pay off somehow.  There has to be something more we can do.  Together!  Twenty bucks, that’s all we’re asking!

Click below and give just $20 today.  Twenty bucks for Taylor!  Then share and spread the word and good vibes far and wide!

Twenty Bucks for Taylor! | Medical Expenses – YouCaring.com


Welcome Home, Taylor!

Welcome Home, Taylor!

Friday the 13th!

The bad news first, and I know this belongs on my medical blog, but…

I had a colonoscopy today.  Literally in desperate need of getting to the root of the problem, I moved it UP from 6/20 to 6/13 without a care in the world that this meant I’d have my first, at 37, on Friday the 13th!  The prep was as gross as they all said it would be, even tho Dad made some pretty fantastic multi-colored (ok, yellow & green!) jello servings, but in the end not too bad, but not something I’d like to do again in a month or in five years.  All test results will be available next Friday.

mmmmm, jello!

mmmmm, jello!

The best news:  Taylor came home today!

For those of you who do not know or have not heard, fab clients turned dear friends, complete with cute kids, moved to Texas and all Texas-sized hell broke loose.  Literally.  Taylor (the dad & husband, read man of Melissa’s dreams!) was in a horrible car accident while working on Friday the 13th (of September, 2013) and that cute Shultz family hasn’t been the same since.  Fast-forward nine months and BAM! Taylor came home today by way of nothing short of a miracle! You can follow Taylor’s story of success here on Caring Bridge.   Anything you can do to help “Twenty Bucks for Taylor” would be hugely appreciated!

Welcome Home, Taylor!

Welcome Home, Taylor!


Happy Friday!

A Smiling Client!

One of my cutest little clients, Chloe, uses Do More with LES as a chauffeur service from after school care to home for snack and homework fun! She just might have mentioned that she had a loose tooth and wanted an apple for snack last week.

I asked her to show me this tooth and she proudly showed off how it was hanging by a thread, its replacement already fully grown up and in. I sliced the apple in half and we each had a wedge in hand as I showed her how best to take big bites out of the loose tooth side of the mouth and we’d get it easily! No luck! 

“Let’s go upstairs and look at it in the mirror,” she exclaimed. “OK,” I thought, “great, I’ll grab a dry paper towel and your water bottle!” And off we went.

I had that poor cute Chloe admiring herself one minute and in a headlock the next! She was just the right height for me to get a hold on her….and her tooth!

The rest, as they say, is history! A picture of the bloody smile and the cute little tooth (with a lot of root!) shows it all.



a toothLES smile!

a toothLES smile!






The next day was our last together, so I took Toothless Chloe out for Baskin-Robbins after school. “Shhh, don’t tell my parents, but can you get me the big waffle cone? The one with the chocolate and the sprinkles already on it?”        Sure!




I love my job!

Rhonda, The Raccoon!

Forgive me; I haven’t blogged in over a month. This one is just a little off the beaten path and is certainly blog-worthy, so here goes:

This is the deal: dog sitting just isn’t what it used to be anymore.

You see, I’ve semi-retired from pet-sitting services, but for this one client in particular, I still will.

And so, the night before I was planning to move in to hang with Zach (changing name & gender to protect the innocent canine), I received an email from Zach’s owner stating “there’s some excitement over here on Petsitting Street, you may be dealing with some videographers from National Geographic because there’s a momma raccoon and her babies living in the tree between my home and the next-door neighbors!”

WHAT?! So, the NatGeo guys and I, Jon & John, became fast friends as there is the perfect viewing spot of this tree from Zach’s owner’s office window.

The boys next door have since named this raccoon, and as such, “Rhonda the Raccoon” has become a topic of everyday conversation.

I came upstairs one morning after a walk with Zach and Rhonda is just perched atop her tree hole plain as day.

Hi, Rhonda!

Hi, Rhonda!

 I walked outside (well after dark) and one John is on the neighbor’s porch and the other John is on Zach’s porch and BAM! …there’s Rhonda in all her spotlight lit up glory!

See her raccoon eyes?

See her raccoon eyes?

I even caught video of Rhonda going down into her hole.  Click play icon below:

Yes, nature is beautiful, no, rodents I am not a huge fan of, but this was pretty cool!

Every day is an adventure with LES, that’s for sure! Stay tuned.

The Mystery of “Why?”

Good People:

Ronald, and now


Bad Things: 

Heart Attack
Unknown reasons
On-the-job Accidents
Old Age
Heart failure
Car Accidents
Overdose, and too frequently


One Question:  Why?

Why do bad things happen to good people?  In Alexandria?  In Bath County?  In Aurora?  At Sandy Hook?  At Columbine?  Anywhere?  Why?

Ladies & Gentlemen, Friends, Neighbors, Alexandrians, Americans,

I ask you:  Why?

This City has lost way too many of “the good ones” for all the wrong reasons and much too soon.  Some lose battles to cancer, some in car accidents, some for reasons we will never know, but all for reasons we do not understand.

The names I’ve mentioned above belong to people we know and love throughout our “fair” City.  However, the reasons behind their deaths quite literally are just not fair.  Period.  Over two dozen people gone too soon.  Young.  Old.  Black.  White.  

What is the world coming to?  Think about it? 

That whole adage:  everything happens for a reason.  Really?

Why do bad things happen to good people?  Good question!

Still very much trying to “wrap my brain around” the events of Thursday in our quiet neighborhood, I struggle to truly comprehend just how many lives were changed with the simple “ding dong” of a residential doorbell being answered.  Simply awful.  Ruthanne is the mom of 3 daughters, all not far from my age, but was also the music teacher to probably 3,000+ children in Northern Virginia.  While I understand this is in no way about me, there are ties that bind.

I had “Mrs. Lodato” for music class when I attended Blessed Sacrament School for 7th and 8th grade.  I had her sister “Mrs. G” (-iammittorio, which I know how to spell by singing a song!) for Science class.  Lucky for me, I had her nephew, Danny, in my classes and still call him a friend and we keep in touch to this day.

I babysat for most of my adult life (starting as a teenager) and in that capacity I continued to see “Ruthanne” (no longer “allowed” to call her Mrs. Lodato, guess I was too “old!”) when I would take “my kids” to Music Together at Del Ray United Methodist Church or to her home for private piano lessons.  Whenever she saw me she oozed love of life and zeal for music.  Conversations flowed naturally as we would always pick up right where we left off.  Not sure when I saw her last, but am certain I would never ever have thought that that time would have been my last.

Thursday happened while I was out of town for work.  I was in New York City and saw a musical on Broadway and a concert at Carnegie Hall yesterday.  I shared with Danny that I was doing so and he responded: “Ruthanne would be happy that you were celebrating music.”  I hate that I am so far away, but it helps to know it would make her happy and that I am celebrating something.  Returning home will not feel the same.  For many, our lives will never ever be the same.